Straight Up

Straight up, don’t be subtle!
I ordered an Obvious Omen.
But today Destiny’s behind the bar,
And Fate serves a great Bloody Roman.

Slapped in the face
By another bartender.
For getting drunk again,
On Fortune’s sweet splendor.

When will I learn,
To be more cautious,
My wishes always seem
To make me so nauseous.

And you’d better pay up too,
But Fate don’t take cash,
This bar’s the one place,
You can’t dine and dash.


Is less still more

If acting only as a lure?

A thought half complete, 

Lost words, forced to delete;

To stop overcrowding  with dancers, 

Overwhelming small stages like cancers.

Is that the value of a tweet?

Just for the moment it tastes sweet.

Neither desire fully satisfied,

Nor pleasure completely denied.

Must we always live in a compromise? 

Clock Watching


11 hours
43 minutes
8 seconds
’til I’m off this mountain
11 hours
12 minutes
4 seconds
’til we round that bend
10 hours
13 minutes
17 seconds
’til we descend
9 hours
24 minutes
4 seconds
’til road’s end
9 hours
24 minutes
’til our hearts can mend.

God’s All Talk

As a child I was told
That should I challenge God,
Should I be so bold,
With just a simple nod
He would surely strike me down
And continue on his course
Without a smile or a frown,
Without sadness or remorse.

I watched a storm from beneath a tree
And as I saw the lighting flash,
A thought came so suddenly
Only slightly rash.
To step out from that canopy
And call on God to strike,
For I had yet to see
A storm rage with its like.

So I strode into the open
And though it’d been¬†years
Since we’d last truly spoken
I yelled at Him “I have no Fears!
So Strike Me Now
You can’t be done with smiting,
For I will never bow,
I will keep on Fighting.”

I waited for the bolt to hit,
For that mighty blow,
Or a fiery, hellish pit
To open up below.
But only hard rain fell
No lightning smack,
No Gates of Hell.
Nothing answered back.

So I continued on my walk
For God is really only Talk.



from the top of the slide

when they sleep extra late
i’ll wake extra early
to think and to meditate
at this playground near me
at the playground near me
are the birds in the trees
with the swings in the breeze
from the top of the slide
where i wish to abide
i can sit on my throne
where my thoughts are my own
and stare out at the world
as mornings unfurled

To Live Carefree

The breeze in the Tree,
The waves in the Sea.
Just go with the flow,
Just live and let be.

Grapes on the vine,
Every feline.
Just seem to know,
Just live and let be.

Oranges in the grove,
Secrets in a cove.
Just flower and grow,
Just live and let be.

Laughter in silence,
Eyes full of shyness.
For us to follow,
Just live and let be.

Leaves in the breeze,
A colony of bees.
The secret they know,
Just live and let be.

Can I ever know,
How to live and let be,
How to live Carefree?