Wasting Away

What is a wasted day?
A day in which you learn something
is supposedly not wasted.

If you waste the day in bed
but you learn about
is the day wasted
or are you?

If you are wasted
then are you
a waste of space?

Put this poem in the waste paper basket,
it’s a waste of words.

Life in the middle ages

Smoke billows from the nostrils of the Dragon
at the mouth of her newly resealed cave,
high above two wheeled centaurs hurrying to and fro.
Knights walk their loyal steeds instead of riding them
and the damsels in distress reside on the fourth floor,
but the elevator’s broken.
Even the wizards moonlight as waiters.

Let’s get high and listen to records

Today is a gloomy day.

A good day for poetry.

Today is a lay-in-bed day.

A good day for a grey movie.

Today is a sunless day.

A good day for melancholy.

Today is a leave-me-be day.

A good day for reading folly.

Today is a gunmetal sky day.

A good day to be storming and rainy.


Today is a dark day.

A good day to get high and listen to old records.

still stupid

well you’ve done it now

you fell for it again
you’re still as stupid as you were back then.

when will you learn,
when will you finally be smarter,
stop getting burned,
start thinking harder.

come on, make better choices
just listen to wiser voices!

stop being an idiot
you’ve been here before
you have to be done with it,
move on forevermore.

today i eat my feelings

today i eat my feelings

french omelettes, shiny with butter
oozing with cheese,
my heart goes a flutter.

doughnuts dusted with angelic sweetness,
but filled with devilish cream,
give me a sense of completeness
and the world seems to glazily gleam.

gigantic burritos stuffed with veggies and rice,
fill my face with guacamole
and make everything feel nice.

then it’s time for the star of the show, the entree
succulent sushi, dipped in salty soy sauce
brings light to the darkness of a gloomy day.

now dessert, rocky road ice cream,
a parade of nuts and marshmallows
sweeps through like a dream.

today i didn’t want to feel
so i ate my feelings instead,
sadness as a delicious meal,
goes down better with buttered bread.

The Ocean bleeds Plastic

Our oceans bleed plastic,
The glaciers are crying,
I’m not being drastic,
Our World is dying.

The deserts are growing
While forests still shrink.
This disease isn’t slowing,
We’re nearing the brink.

It’s almost too late,
Soon it’ll be done.
It never was fate,
We could’ve won.

If only we’d tried
Not ignoring the facts,
We knew that they lied,
But we failed to react.

We’re killing this place,
The one we call home,
Something singular we can never replace,
A crime for which we can never atone.

Now the bill’s come due,
And we’re totally broke.
There were so many clues,
But we took them as jokes.

Whose laughing now?
As temperatures rise,
People cry “how?”
Still listen to lies,
We’re going down.
Just use your eyes,
No lifeboats around,
So everyone dies.

Bandages for Bloody Hearts

Other people,
Bandages for the wounds of our hearts.
They hold the ragged edges
of our emotions together
So the healing can finally start.

But wounds need fresh air,
And people need space,
So they can finally see their
Strength revealed in the lines on their face.

Ode to a Childhood Toy Revisited

Soft fistfuls of oblivion
Heartbeat staccato
Warm water gurgles
As cold eyes move greedily across the street…

To the playground.

First, the sinewy swings
Next, the gripping rock wall
Finally, the smooth, cool (but not cold)
unyielding  (but not un-feeling)…


Into an accidental pond.
Now hop across the lily pads
And please won’t you just sit
Under a tree with me….

And become contemplative of celestial orbs?

If that’s too much
Just sit here with me in my room
Back in the soft saffron caresses

Of the warm bath.