This blog is a bipolar alcoholic fighting firewater and depression with poetry, or trying to. (Doesn’t every stupid asshole who thinks they are a poet also aspire to be an alcoholic thanks to the example of Bukowski?) A new poem for each new day of struggling with reality, depression, relapses of drunkenness, and relapses of sobriety.  Oh, and some of the other shit that goes on in this crazy mixed up place we call the World. Some of it might be funny, some of it might be sad, some might be both. Relate or don’t, enjoy or don’t, I really don’t care.

And with that here is a Haiku:

Drank with the fishes.
Sleeping with the Great White Sharks.
Harpooner’s missed marks.


**If you or someone you know struggles with addiction check out some of these free resources:**