Sometimes we all need
a hand
Or a leg
Or an arm
To get up
Over the ledge
Or pull us back
From the edge.

They say,
If she had gotten
Help before
she’d be okay.
If she’d only
spoken up more
talked about
how she felt
such serious doubt
for the future
To keep going without

But they didn’t ask
Didn’t try to
her mask.
They didn’t question
her strange
Didn’t see the tracks
of recent tears
just run.
took her at her word
she was still
just having Fun.

Couldn’t we see
the hole
opening up
where she used to be
The empitness
in her smiles
which seemed
to stretch
over empty miles.

She’d still be
Still thrive
She’d at least still be

**Please seek help if you need it. There are many free resources out there for you or a friend. Sometimes we all just need someone to see through our own mask of happiness and realize that we are not ok. Please check these out.**


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