today i eat my feelings

french omelettes, shiny with butter
oozing with cheese,
my heart goes a flutter.

doughnuts dusted with angelic sweetness,
but filled with devilish cream,
give me a sense of completeness
and the world seems to glazily gleam.

gigantic burritos stuffed with veggies and rice,
fill my face with guacamole
and make everything feel nice.

then it’s time for the star of the show, the entree
succulent sushi, dipped in salty soy sauce
brings light to the darkness of a gloomy day.

now dessert, rocky road ice cream,
a parade of nuts and marshmallows
sweeps through like a dream.

today i didn’t want to feel
so i ate my feelings instead,
sadness as a delicious meal,
goes down better with buttered bread.


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