Our oceans bleed plastic,
The glaciers are crying,
I’m not being drastic,
Our World is dying.

The deserts are growing
While forests still shrink.
This disease isn’t slowing,
We’re nearing the brink.

It’s almost too late,
Soon it’ll be done.
It never was fate,
We could’ve won.

If only we’d tried
Not ignoring the facts,
We knew that they lied,
But we failed to react.

We’re killing this place,
The one we call home,
Something singular we can never replace,
A crime for which we can never atone.

Now the bill’s come due,
And we’re totally broke.
There were so many clues,
But we took them as jokes.

Whose laughing now?
As temperatures rise,
People cry “how?”
Still listen to lies,
We’re going down.
Just use your eyes,
No lifeboats around,
So everyone dies.


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