When did our ideals
become slogans?

To be written across our chests
on our t-shirts,
rather than written across our hearts
on our souls.

When did we give up on trying
to actually make the world a better place?

And start trying to make money grow
on the trees,
rather than make good ideas grow
in our minds.

When did we stop caring about people
and start caring only about the bottom lines?

Watching the numbers on a graph
move up and down,
rather than watching the waves of the ocean
die to be born again.

When did the Red become more important
than those who bleed it?

And people become profits
to be gained or lost,
rather than people
to live their lives.

When did even the Gods become dollar signs
And their churches cash cows?

To wear red prada shoes or
be a Jesus-TV celebrity,
rather than wearing their love of humanity
On their shirt sleeves.

When did we learn that Nothing was pure anymore
That everything had been stained by avarice?

When did we decide that Nothing
was worth fighting for,
and everything else
was a waste of Time.


We did decide that Time is only Money now, after all.


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