As a child I was told
That should I challenge God,
Should I be so bold,
With just a simple nod
He would surely strike me down
And continue on his course
Without a smile or a frown,
Without sadness or remorse.

I watched a storm from beneath a tree
And as I saw the lighting flash,
A thought came so suddenly
Only slightly rash.
To step out from that canopy
And call on God to strike,
For I had yet to see
A storm rage with its like.

So I strode into the open
And though it’d been years
Since we’d last truly spoken
I yelled at Him “I have no Fears!
So Strike Me Now
You can’t be done with smiting,
For I will never bow,
I will keep on Fighting.”

I waited for the bolt to hit,
For that mighty blow,
Or a fiery, hellish pit
To open up below.
But only hard rain fell
No lightning smack,
No Gates of Hell.
Nothing answered back.

So I continued on my walk
For God is really only Talk.




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