I can’t take it being shoved down my throat!
I’m building a fortress! Digging a moat!
I can’t stand this 12-step bullshit anymore.
A compass is not the only way to navigate to shore.

They can keep their Higher Power,
I choose Modern Science.
I’m not looking for guesses and supposes,
I need something with Reliance.

Actual Data to support correlations,
Or at least something with Standard Deviations!
I want to see the real Statistics.
Not Spirituality and Mystics.

Does no one research this anymore?
Are we seriously satisfied
That Spiritual steps are the only cure?
That I cannot abide.

Respect for past work that’s been done,
But it’s time to trade in the antique gun.
There is a war out there to be won,
New tactics and strategies begun.

Make way for Science!


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