I am but a vessel of my deity, Art.
She fills me up
Or leaves me wanting,
In this I have no part.

Her discipleship with me She shares
When with humility
And honesty in my devotions
My sin’s laid bare.

She guides my hand,
Not a stroke of a pen my own,
For Her will only
Is my true command.

Divine, Her inspirations,
Graceful and surprising.
Always breathtaking
In Her holy affections.

A poem, my prayer,
And so do I release,
My regrets, my anxieties,
Into her tender care.

I embrace Her path of true Creation,
And forswear Her deadly sins:
Resentment, Hatred, Ego
Judgement, and Destruction.

As all gods do it seems,
She chooses when to answer.
But She at least, I know
Always will return inside my dreams.


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