They tell me:
I need a “Higher Power”
If I am to cure this ill;
For even in my brightest hour,
I alone can never have the will.

I did try to use my own mind at first,
But I could not love myself.
I felt angry, weak and truly cursed,
Until I took again, that bottle off the shelf.

Next I tried to use my fellow man,
But here’s the problem with humanity,
None lay low high aspirations like humans can,
Nothing else so quickly fuels insanity.

Finally, I had to admit,
I must find something stronger.
Something purer to commit,
To wander lost no longer.

But I still can’t stomach “God”
As he was taught to me in Church,
Vengeful, loving and entirely un-flawed?
I’ll wait until I see that burning birch.

Nothing in me feels yet blessed,
For what “Higher Power” speaks to me?
Cares enough to lead me on this quest,
And fix my flaws through spirituality.

Perhaps it will come quite suddenly,
An unexpected mental blow.
Making itself known bloodily,
Or with a more gentle ethereal glow.

Or perhaps it will be more subtle,
And sneak upon me over days and nights.
Softly refuting my every rebuttal,
Until it has sapped all my will for fights.

I do not know yet,
If it even has a name,
But to a “Higher Power” still unmet,
I say only “Well played.
Good Game.”


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