I’ll write a poem instead.

Dear Alcohol,

You seemed so good to me,
You seemed to be so kind,
Setting all my worries free.
Letting thought desert my mind.
So we could dance all night,
Like lovers do,
I would clutch you tight.
Each time the passion lit anew.

No bother with needle or with pipe.
Curvy, skinny, lusty, prude,
You always were my type;
No matter what my mood.
At first your kisses stung a bit,
But then so polished and so silky,
Flowing past my lips.
Warming me so quickly.

Then you’d put me in my bed,
And slowly close my eyes,
As the cloak of night was shed,
Stars fleeing from the skies.

But then the full rise of morning’s glory,
When you’d so brutally forsaken me.
Eyes rimmed red and burning.
Guts heaving, ripping, churning.
Assaults upon my skull.
Ramming my stomach, a Spanish Bull.
Hands that couldn’t stop their shaking.
All around, the world breaking.

You’d whisper in my ear your remedy for pain,
Simply to kiss again.

But, you sucked away my money and my motivation.
You stole my passions and my innocence
I wasted years chasing your affection,
Only to be answered with cold silence.
You tore away my health and peace of mind,
Leaving only insanity and heartbreak behind.

In the end you took everything from me.
With you in my life, I can never be free.

So I say “Begone witch! Evil spirit!”

We will dance no more.
Get out of my sight.

An ex-paramour.


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