Meetings, what a riot!
Who knew a room full of drunks could be so quiet!
At the start you can hear a pin drop,
Then a prayer, then begins the story swap.

Oh the stories you hear!
Lechery, licentiousness, debauchery all told without fear.

Stories of violence and terror,
Told without the bat of an eye.
Stories of incredible loss and destruction,
Related with barely a sigh.

Sexual encounters heard in graphic detail,
Without a cheek turning pink.
Even at blood, guts and gore
Barely an eye will blink.

Anonymous are we
Because our sins are the same;
Deep down our souls once were twisted,
Our guide made lame.

We ALL betrayed, lied and stole.
We ALL sit in this room to bear our soul.

Only together can we row the boat of redemption ashore;
For other addicts are the only ones who truly understand us anymore.


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