I’m fighting for my life here,
I don’t expect you to understand.
Each new day is all I have, Dear;
A fresh battle to be planned.

I do not need your sympathy or pity.
For if I am to triumph, to rise above,
I cannot be weighed down by your charity;
I need only be strengthened by your love.

Just hear what I am telling you,
And know that through the lies,
You see my real heart is still true,
You forgive my mistakes, dry my eyes.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Your Pity

  1. Great poem! I can really identify with the line ‘A fresh battle to be planned’, as this is exactly how I approach each day. Perhaps it is due to my perfectionism, but I every time I wake up I force myself to make a strategy for how I am going to get through each day with my anxiety/depression. Am I going to avoid a certain person? Am I going to avoid going on a crowded bus? Stuff like that really.


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